On Jah, The Third Nine Weeks is Trash

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On Jah, The Third Nine Weeks is Trash

Adam Stobert, Staff Writer

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Ahhhhhhhh, the third nine weeks, a time of cold weather, nothing to look forward to, bad grades, and my personal favorite, seasonal depression. I mean, come on, let’s be honest; we all know all the teachers get together every year and have a big meeting right before the third nine weeks starts and they commiserate on how they’re gonna torture us. Each day students receive an excessive amount of homework from all of their teachers which is somewhat out of the ordinary for any other nine weeks. Not to mention, coincidentally, the third nine weeks is when teachers decide to start their hardest sections. To all the teachers at Knoch High School, if you’re gonna try to torture us without us figuring out that you’re doing it on purpose, I suggest you chill out with all the assignments. You’re not fooling a single person.

As an uh, let’s say an average student (okay, maybe below average), I’m not that bothered by the third nine weeks except for the weather. I am standing up for all the homies in the AP classes. I may sometimes have a lowkey hatred for them because they’re try hards, but with that being said, at this point it’s the students vs. the faculty.

I often don’t do any of my homework but when I do, the teacher doesn’t check it. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one this happens to. Well maybe I am; either God is punishing me for going too sicko mode 24/7 or the teachers are targeting students. Hmmmm could be either, they’re both very possible but Imma go with the second one because God and I go way back, on jah, f’real doe.

Anyway, the weather, it’s terrible. Starting in January and ending in March, there is not a single month in the third nine weeks that is half decent. Although some of March has been nice so far, it won’t be too long until it goes back to negative ten degrees and snowing. Oh, yea, by the way, whoever said global warming is a thing, why does our winter go all the way into freaking May? The world doesn’t have a fever, the world has a cold.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t do well without sunlight. I’m constantly cold, sick, depressed, and pale. I’m constantly praying for some warm weather, without it, all I can do is play Fortnite for three months until the weather warms up. I’m not saying I’m mad about it because honestly I’d rather be doing that than actually doing something productive with my life.

The only thing that saves us from this terrible span of two and a half months is the two hour delays and cancellations. Honestly, for the third nine weeks, everyday should be ran on a two hour delay schedule. It gives students a little time to sleep in and it somewhat keeps teachers from giving us an endless amount of homework. I’m sure the teachers will still find a way to gives us like three projects that are all worth like 300 points and are all due on the next day, but hopefully it’ll make them chill out a bit. (Probably won’t though.)

Has anyone else noticed stuff going downhill since the third nine weeks began? The pizza in the third nine weeks has obviously been changed into a thinner crust, the buffalo chicken paninis are terrible now, and the LLC is closed every other day. I don’t get angry very easily unless I’m playing Fortnite, but whenever you mess with the only good food in the cafeteria and close the LLC for like no reason, then we got a problem. At this point I’ve discovered that the new food options are to weaken our brain cells, and the closing of the LLC is to make sure we sit in the same seats for the full seven hours of school with no way out.

I have to be honest, I hate the third nine weeks as much as the next guy but the fourth nine weeks isn’t much better. Finals, finals, and more finals, not to mention our spring break always gets cut down to like one day. I guess we have summer to look forward to, but that might make it worse because it’s so close, yet so far. So enjoy the rest of your school days while it lasts. In my opinion, the third nine weeks is a train that’s eventually gonna hit you, so you can either stress out about it or kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.