Global Warming Melted Snowball


by Jocelyn Adley

Students lined up in a conga line that barely made it around the gym.

Natalie Totterdale, Staff Writer

This year, student council announced that the Homecoming dance would be on Saturday, September 28th, but there will be no Snowball dance.

“I am disappointed because I never got to experience Snowball,” said freshman Braelyn Arnold.

Some students are confused as to why we are only having one semi-formal this year after having two dances last year.

“Some of the deciding factors were the tight scheduling of the facilities, potential weather, and lack of chaperones,” said student council adviser Susan Venatta.

Last year was the first year Knoch had ever held a Homecoming dance.

“It was a lot of fun [having both dances last year], but I’m not going to miss it,” said senior Chloe McAnallen. “I feel like it’s better [to have one dance] because I’m struggling for motivation to buy a dress because I’m broke.”

Some students actually liked having two school dances last year.

“Not many people hang out outside of school, so it’s nice,” said sophomore JJ Szebalskie.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having two dances this year, but I’m fine with only having one. I just wish it was a little bit later in the year.

“I think it would be better [to have two school dances]. Even though it costs money and takes time to plan, it’s good to get everyone together and have fun with your friends,” said Arnold.

Some students don’t like how early Homecoming is in the school year.

“[I’d rather have] Snowball because it’s later in the year and I just personally like it better later,” said McAnallen.

While Snowball had been tradition for years, Homecoming seems to be the favorite out of the two dances, whether it’s for sports related reasons or an ease into the school year.

“I’d rather have both dances, [but I like] Homecoming because of the pep rally, and it goes along with football,” said Szebalskie.

“I have never been to either, but I would rather have Homecoming because it gives me something to look forward to in the beginning of the school year,” said Arnold.