That’s the topic or item on the proverbial chopping block today.

Here is my description of LaCroix: sparkling water with a hint of a fruit flavoring.

Here are some descriptions from Twitter: “LaCroix is like eating skittles without tasting the rainbow.”

“LaCroix tastes like it was made by a society in which flavor is the scarcest natural resource.”

“I feel like LaCroix is what juice would taste like to a ghost.”

“A Croix tastes like the only soft drink they’d allow in

a dystopian future where no one is allowed to have emotions.”

“LaCroix tastes like someone ate a fruit salad and then burped into your water bottle.”

These are all very harsh yet humorous comparisons. I believe these people fully believe what they say, but I also think it is a very bandwagon thing to hate on LaCroix.

In defense of the Croix, it is an acquired taste, and I understand some are just not mature enough to enjoy it. That’s okay. More for me.

If it is really so bad, why would every other beverage brand (i.e. Dasani) be trying to emulate the same product?

Once I heard someone say it tastes like if you took a sip of sparkling water and someone whispered a fruit to you that’s what you taste. I admit, I do believe that.