Cabin Fever.

Caroline Ejzak, Layout Editor

The most common thing to get mad about in winter is the weather.

Cabin fever is a problem for some because they can’t go anywhere. Therefore they curse the weather and hate snow.

Getting to work is a struggle, getting together with friends is next to impossible, and you need to prioritize where you want to go and where you need to go.

Now all this being said, let’s calm down.

As a kid, I’m sure we’ve all looked at snow falling as the most magical thing possible. It truly is breathtaking. Tiny white crystals falling down in millions, every snowflake different.

This snowy situation could make for a great day.

Can’t go out? IT’S GONNA BE OKAY.

Sometimes days in are better anyways, especially with the cozy vibes winter weather gives.

Some perfectly enjoyable activities you can do on a snow day:

Make food.

If you want Chinese take-out but can’t get out to take it, make it yourself! This will take up time and make you a better-rounded person in the long run. Wife yourself up.

Watch movies.

A given. Great pastime and relaxing.


You have friends and a phone but can’t leave your home? Have a chat with a friend. It’ll improve your mood for sure.

Pick up something new.

Just do something you normally don’t have time to do. Last year I made snowmen with little pieces of foam, and I loved it. Don’t talk smack on crafts until you do them. Try out art. I’ve recently started string painting in my basement since I can’t go outside to. It’s been truly rewarding.


If the roads are bad, don’t drive. Going to the school parking lot to do burnouts isn’t worth it.