Podcast Review #2: Crime Junkie

Podcast: Crime Junkie

Review: As I write this, I am listening to Crime Junkie.  So I discovered this podcast on Spotify by accident. It’s unlike anything I usually listen to.  Instead of an edited, journalistic story like Serial, it’s more story-telling. Produced by Ashley Flowers, this true-crime pod discusses different cases every week.  Brit, her partner in true-crime and best friend, listens along and adds commentary when necessary. Ashley and Brit’s chemistry is just great, and I like that because Brit listens, we get her perspective play by play–sometimes she will ask Ashley questions as she explains the case, which helps a lot when you’re trying to follow along.  There’s no useless chatter, too; Ashley cuts to the chase and doesn’t leave any details out. Also, there are so many episodes which I LOVE! If you’re anything like me, going through podcast episodes is like going through mechanical pencils–FAST.  Also, you don’t have to go in any specific order. There are even different categories of cases that they cover–my favorites are the ones that aren’t cold (ex: serial killers.  Sometimes it drives me crazy if they don’t know “who done it”).

This podcast is more about quantity rather than quality–it isn’t as in depth as say, Up & Vanished, but if you need your true crime fix, Crime Junkie is the pod to listen to.

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