2020 Vision

A Timeline


courtesy of John Minchillo/AP

Dustin Schlagel, Staff Writer


From helicopter crashes to quarantine to Tiger King, this year has just been absolute chaos. 2020 has been a complete nightmare so far. It seems like everytime there is something good that happens, three more tragedies occur.

With so much much drama and insanity going on in this crazy world, it’s hard to try and keep up with the events and the news. Whether it’s good or bad, with everything seeming to cool down for the time being, here’s a recap of the infamous year of 2020.

As well as putting these events into chronological order, I will also be rating these events on a 1-5 scale on how much I personally think they affected the world (1 being not at all, 5 being world changing)

January 3rd: The assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

The beginning of the end of 2020 started on January 3rd. The American government used a drone strike to assassinate Iranian General and government official Qasem Soleimani.

This basically almost started World War 3. I would definitely rate this a solid 5, considering that this kind of sent America into a frenzy for a month.

January 8th: Prince Harry and Megan Markle take a step back

Royal House members Prince Harry and wife Megan Markle announced their resignation from the royal family.

I rate this a 3 because although it wasn’t earth shattering news, it’s still important to know about foreign stuff.

January 15th: Impeachment of President Trump

President Trump was impeached by the house of representatives for abuse of power.

I rate this a 4 because it was the first time a president since the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

January 26th: Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant pass away

On January 26th, Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi Bryant, along with 7 others passed away in a tragic helicopter crash on the way to an AAU practice.

This is off the scale 6 for me, because I am a huge basketball fan, so seeing a legend pass like that was heartbreaking.

February 2nd: Super Bowl LIV

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers to win the super bowl for the first time in team history.

This is a 1 on the scale just because I didn’t really care a whole lot about either team.

February 23rd: The Ahmad Arbery case

On February 23rd, African American teen Ahmad Arbery was shot and killed while innocently jogging through a neighborhood in Georgia.

This is a 4 because although it didn’t receive near the amount of recognition it deserved at the time, it was still a huge event.

February 29th: Covid 19

The first death caused from Covid-19 was announced in America.

I rate this a 5. Enough said.

March 3rd: Biden takes the lead 

Joe Biden takes the driver’s seat as the presidential candidate for the Democratic party.

I rate this a four because it set up the foundation for the 2020 election.

March 11th: The beginning of a pandemic

The WHO declares coronavirus a national pandemic. The NBA cancels the season after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tests positive for Coronavirus.

This is definitely a 5 because this started the shutdown of the entire country for almost half a year.

March 13th: More coronavirus and the death of Breonna Taylor

President Donald Trump declares Covid-19 as a national emergency. African American woman Breonna Taylor was shot and killed while in her apartment.

This is also a 5. 

March 31st: New York hits 75,000 confirmed cases(5)

New York reaches 75,000 cases, becoming one of the most heavily affected cities in the country

April 13th: IRS begins sending Stimulus checks to Americans(3)

The IRS sends millions of dollars in stimulus checks to Americans that became unemployed because of COVID-19

April 24th: America passes 50,000 coronavirus deaths(5)

America hits 50,000 casualties from coronavirus in only a few months time

May 8th: American unemployment reaches 14.7%(5)

America hits one of the all time highs for unemployment in U.S. history, leaving 1 in 6 adults employed.

May 15th: Worldwide coronavirus death toll reaches 300,000(5)

Total cases of COVID-19 increased to 300,000.

May 25th: Justice for George Floyd

African American citizen George Floyd was wrongfully killed while being detained by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This, in turn, caused protests and riots all over the country. If any event on this list deserves to go off the scale, it’s this one.

I rate this a 6 because this shocked, angered, and scared the entire world. This was a huge event that really affected the entire world, and is still affecting the world today.

May 28th: U.S coronavirus cases reaches 100,000(5)

U.S. cases of corona hit a new high, reaching six digits.

May 30th: SpaceX launches two U.S. astronauts to the international space station(2)

Elon Musk and SpaceX have a successful launch, and send people to the international space station.

June 28th: Coronavirus cases pass 10,000,000 cases worldwide.(6)

Coronavirus cases worldwide hit a mind boggling eight digits, as cases rose to 10 million.


All In all, this has been a crazy year. There is very little that our country has not seen over the past 10 months, let alone the world. But, there has never been anything that has stopped the world from fighting back in the past. So, to anyone that is hating the year 2020 and just wishes it was over, keep your chin up. Because although the world’s been full of a stupid virus, redneck Netflix documentaries, and a painfully terrible turtle race to the White House, we’re still her to fix it. So, as a nation and a world, let’s make 2021 the best year yet.