Snoozin For a Bruisin

Cale Patten

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March 3, 2021
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So many students nap in class. Whether it’s a study hall, math, chemistry, or physics, the urge to snooze is always there, especially early in the morning or just after lunch. But now the sleepiest of the bunch can choose a new elective to counteract those eye circles; starting in the 2022 school year, napping is an official elective at Knoch.

In an anonymous survey sent out to all the students, only 10% claimed they got at least 8 hours of sleep on a normal night. 30% of students claimed they got at least 7, while 40% claimed at least 6 hours. The rest of the students got at least 5 hours of sleep. 

In another survey sent out to all students, an overwhelming majority of 83% said they could use more sleep, and 60% of the same group believed that a designated time to nap during the day would help a lot. 

More sleep helps the body stay healthy; students will get benefits such as getting sick less often, lower stress levels, and thinking clearer in school. Naps in particular will help the students relax and be more alert throughout the day. 

Junior Samantha Moody said these about her sleeping habits:

How often do you nap in class?

Sam: “All the time. I think I nap more than I pay attention.”

What is the best class to nap in?

“Newspaper when Mrs T isn’t there. We don’t do any work.”

Napping is most beneficial during the early morning or early afternoon, and Knoch’s napping classes will be held during 1st and 6th period. In a poll for students which asked when they are most tired, the most popular answers were first thing in the morning and right after lunch. 

Are you excited to be able to nap in this new class?

“Absolutely, though that doesn’t mean I won’t still be napping in my other classes,” said Moody. 

What grade do you think you will get?

“An A for sure. I’m automatic with that ****.”

Who should the teacher be?

“Mrs Knappenberger. Not only is she the health teacher but she just seems like the right person to do the job.”

Although many are happy about the new class, some students, primarily seniors, are very upset. 

“Personally I find it absurd that we were never afforded the same luxury” said senior Marcus Johnson. “Really it’s just a bunch of bunk.”

Despite the complaints from those who will be missing out on the napping class next year, the rest of us will not be able to hear their complaints through the deep veil of slumber. 

Here is a warning to all reading: I have interviewed some school officials and it is most likely that napping will be graded just like any other class, meaning that if you wish to take napping, you must be good at it or at least show improvement over the year. If you are not good at taking naps, get some practice over the summer. In fact, you can start right now with this handy tutorial. How To Power Nap