Suffering from Senioritis

Suffering from Senioritis

The class of 2022 has only had one normal year of high school: freshman year. There were no metal detectors, no masks, and of course, no deadly virus spreading around the world.

Then there was sophomore year, which started out normally, but then metal detectors were introduced the third week of school. Oh, also the world completely shut down the last three months, so we weren’t allowed to go to school.

Junior year was kind of a hot mess because every activity had restrictions, and sometimes only half of us were in school. Then we were fully online for 2 months in the middle of the school year.

So far, senior year is looking pretty good. Student sections are back, students don’t have to eat lunch in the gym, and homecoming actually happened this year; however, we still have to wear masks and homecoming was outside, but that’s better than nothing.

Although I still feel like a sophomore, it’s pretty fun being a senior. However, I have felt my senioritis coming on since early junior year because of COVID.

For those that don’t know what senioritis is, google defines it as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.”

In previous school years, I have usually been pretty good about turning in assignments on time and putting in a substantial amount of effort, but it’s gotten worse the last two years with being online at some points and now being in my last year of high school.

For example, this article was turned in like two weeks late (Sorry Ms. T!) because of my inability to focus and lack of motivation for school.

Honestly my grades are not too bad, but I also don’t take too many difficult classes. My very hard schedule is as follows: Newspaper, finance math, study hall, AP English, and then Yearbook, which really isn’t a difficult schedule. I also take online economics, which I am really behind on at this specific point in time.

I decided to do half days for work release at school this year because I knew I wouldn’t want to overload myself senior year. (To any juniors considering this for next year, I would highly recommend it if you have most of your credits in).

Even though I don’t have many classes, I always have homework or things to do to get ahead in school, and having an online class can be difficult to balance with out of school activities.

On top of my schoolwork and other activities, I also have to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life, which is very overwhelming and not fun at all.

I tried to get a head start on applying to and visiting colleges, but I have not finished any applications or visited any colleges because I’m a huge procrastinator.

Once I get caught up on all my work, I think the rest of the year will be pretty good.

Moral of the story, don’t be a bum senior year.