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Songs & Albums Getting Us Through the Week


Samantha Moody, Sports Editor

As of October 15, 2021, the album Faces by Mac Miller was released on all music platforms. Even though it was just “released,” true Mac fans know that it was a mixtape produced by him in 2014.

This 25 song album, is said to be written in a “psychedelic and jazzy instrumentals” for his dark, personal lyrics to himself and his own struggles with drug addiction.

Personally, “Funeral” is one of my favorite songs in the album. It is said that the song is about his realization that he could have bettered himself in life. “There are so many days before the final day, and with the fragility of life, each day could stand to be the final one,” said an article by DjBooth.net.

No matter what the song is about, how long it took for it to come out, the Mac fans will always find a way to listen to any song by him, from mixtapes to albums.