Turn It Up

Songs & Albums Getting Us Through the Week



Samantha Moody, Sports Editor

Every music listener’s favorite time of the year is finally here: Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay.

If you don’t already known, both Spotify and Apple Music show which artists and songs were your most played through the year. Both platforms show you your top tunes a little differently, but it is still an exciting time of the year for everyone to see. And of course, everyone takes the opportunity to show-off who their favs are.

Even though there is the debate about which music-streaming platform is better, I am an avid Apple Music user.

When I looked at my Replay, I wasn’t even shocked who my top artist and song was.

The song I played the most this year was “Not Dead Yet,” by Lord Huron. And guess which performer was my top; you got it, Lord Huron. I have listened to 61 hours of music from them.

As Lord Huron grows more popular, for those that don’t know who they are, they are an indie rock band with a popular song “The Night We Met,” that many people may already know. And if you are a frequent listener of that song, please dry your tears and listen to some other songs produced by the band.