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Sarah Vasas

Sarah Vasas, Staff Writer

Hi my name is Sarah Vasas, I like long walks on the beach. I play soccer and I defend the ball. Mess with me and I will mess you up. I was born to kick balls. I like all foods specifically french fries. I ONLY like hot chocolate NEVER coffee. I really like the color blue but I’m down for pink as well. I will never understand math… never. Science is sorta more of my thing. I want to study nursing in college and possible play soccer as well. Game of Thrones is by far my favorite tv show. 10 out of 10 I highly recommend! Also Stranger Things is a very good series on Netflix so that is also something I enjoy watching. Don’t think I hate you just because I’m not smiling 24/7. So come up and talk to me… if you dare. Ok. Duces.

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Sarah Vasas