The Scary Truth

True Crime Stories


It’s now October, which brings us into the spooky season. With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks let’s all get into that scary spirit. The feeling of a shiver going down your spine, and that sudden instinct to look behind you. Let me take you into that fearful feeling by sharing with you true crime stories that will have you at the edge of your seat.

The Boy In The Box

February 1957, a college student came across the remains of a young boy in the woods of Philadelphia. The boy was in pretty critical conditions. He was beaten badly and laid restly in a bassinet box. A good amount of people came forward with knowledge of this case, but the police were not able to verify anyones testimony.

A woman, Martha, claimed that her abusive mother bought the boy and physical and sexually assulted him to death. Saying she fed him baked beans to make the autopsy unreadable. What Martha came forward with matched the evidence on the case, but the police was not able to fully believe due to her mental illnesses.

Another lead came from a psychic who accurately described the location where the boy was found without never actually being there. When the police looked into this they found a bassinet basket matching the description as the same box the boy was found in. Because there was no real incriminating evidence, his findings were dismissed as well.

The Ice Box Murders

In 1965, Fred and Edwina Rogers were living in Houston along with their grown son, Charles. Charles showed reclusive and antisocial behavior which caused the family to mainly stay to themselves. One thing Charles did daily though was leave the house at dawn and wouldn’t return until after nightfall.

A family close to Rogers hadn’t heard from them in several days, so they called the police for a welfare check on them. The patrolmen were unable to locate Fred and Edwina, but had noticed food sitting out on the dining room table. They found that the fridge was full of numerous packages of meat, stacked on top of one another. The Patrolmen looked up and saw two human heads in a vegetable bin.

 Additional Officers arrived and slowly removed the packages full of dismembered body parts from the fridge. Later finding out they were the remains of Fred and Edwina Rogers. Police discovered that Edwina was brutally beaten and shot, while Fred suffered forceful trauma to the head. Still with Charles nowhere to be found.

Naturally, Charles was the main suspect in this case. The only problem was he seemed to vanish off the face of the Earth. Though the police were able to collect circumstantial evidence towards Charles, he was never found.

Ronald O’Bryan’s Poisoned Pixy Stix

Eight-year-old Timothy O’Bryan spent his night trick or treating. When he got home his father Ronald O’Bryan gave him a Pixy Stix. An hour later Timothy died. Authorities quickly unraveled the cause: cyanide poisoning.

After Ronald’s story changed, he became a suspect. Police discovered he was in severe debt and took out large life insurance policies on his children. After testing the candy, they found that he had given a large amount of children cyanide-laced Pixy Sticks, but only Timothy ate it. Ronald was executed in 1984.