Trick or Treat! Smell my Feet!


Emma Broman, staff writer

It is that time of year again! Halloweekend brings this spooky season to an end. Whether you went out and got sent into a  candy coma, or just stayed in and watched spooky movies, it is always an exciting weekend. 

Freshman Lindsey Wise decided to take on trick or treating this year. Wise went with a few of her good friends. She dressed as Freddy Krueger. 

Wise said, “I was looking forward to doing horror makeup for my costume this year, so that is why I went as Freddy Krueger.” 

Junior Reed Curry also joined in on trick or treating this year. Although he did not go with friends, he went with his little sister; how sweet. Curry said, “I dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh.” Now I think that is awesome. 

Curry said, “Honestly, I just thought being an Egyptian was funny. There really was no other reason.” 

Senior Jessica Burgard and her boyfriend, senior James Synder, took his little brother out for trick or treating as well. Afterwards, they kicked back and watched a halloween movie together afterwards to set the spooky mood. 

Although Halloween night can be exciting, sometimes the halloweekend is even more fun. It is usually full of halloween parties and timeless traditions. 

Burgard said, “ My friend Amber and I went as Woody and Buzz for the halloween party we went to together. I thought it was a really cute duo costume that was easy to put together.” 

What’s Halloween without the classic scary movies? Curry and his friends stayed in and had a halloween movie marathon! 

“WE HAD A BLAST!” said Curry. 

A yearly tradition most people look forward to is going to the Beacon. Now if you don’t know what the Beacon is I will explain it to you. The beacon is only open in the month of October and it is a haunted corn maze. You have to find your way through the maze while being scared and chased by the scary actors. They also have food and a haunted house. 

Wise was eager to go to the Beacon this year. “My friends and I could not wait for the halloweekend so we could go,” said Wise.

No matter how young or old you are, people of all ages seem to always really enjoy the traditions of Halloween.

Until next year!