Ball is Life!

Ball is Life!

Willow Danehy, Feature Editor

As it gets colder, the sports get cooler as basketball season is beginning! Not only is this exciting for the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams and their coaches, the student section has had their rest and is ready to get Knoch High School’s sports teams hype again! 

Last year, the girls’ team had a greatly successful season, achieving sectionchamps and making it to the second round in states. This year, they’re ready to dominate another season and plan to outplay even the way they played last year. 

“We worked really hard to achieve what we did,” said senior Nina Shaw. “This year, we have to continue to prove ourselves and work even harder.”

Anyone who attended a girls’ basketball game last year can attest to how exciting it was just to watch the girls dominate just about every game they played. Going to the games to support them was something many people looked forward to, and as the season is starting up again the student section is ready to jump back into action. Despite not having a home field, during football season people found a way to get to games to support their teams, but still sometimes felt deprived of a way to properly express some school spirit.

“I missed being able to go to games with my friends and cheer on the teams,” said junior Dara Patten. “I’m excited to not have to travel so far to be able to be a part of a student section.” 

Thankfully, the renovations for the gym went as planned and there won’t have to be 2 hour treks just to be a part of the student section. The new gymnasium was finished just in time for basketball season, and both the boy’s and girl’s teams are excited to have such a wonderful, beautiful new court.

“It’s fresh,” says senior Ethan Donehue. “We’re going to look so fresh.”

The boys’ basketball team is ready for a better season, as their talent didn’t quite show on the scoreboard last year. Despite it, the boys know they can prove themselves this time around. Last year, they went 6-16, but this year they see a brighter future ahead of themselves.

“We’re a better team than that,” said junior Jaxson Donehue. “We’ve been putting in the work, and we’re ready to show that this year.”

Both teams are ready to jump into this season heads on, and so is everyone who loves getting to see their friends and classmates on the court. Being able to cheer on your team by putting down the opposing team with cruel chants is an unmatchable way to get your basketball team hype enough to get all the balls to where they need to be.