Staying Here but Moving On


Kristen Gallagher, Staff Writer

My second year of high school is quickly coming to an end. Sophomore year was filled with lots of laughter, school work, and plenty of new learning experiences. I’ve made a ton of new friends, and have even reunited with some old ones. Even though I’ve dreaded getting up at 6 in the morning for the past 9 months, I think I’m really going to miss this year, or at least have a bunch of good memories to look back on. School is a great example of not truly appreciating what you have until it’s gone. 

Despite me still being an underclassmen, my experience as a sophomore has been much different than freshman year. Being a freshman basically means you’re at the bottom of the dogpile, which is a big change from 8th grade. I remember looking up at the seniors and thinking about how grown and adult-ish they seemed, but only a year’s difference has made me realize that they’re not too much different than me. I think the first year of high school is sitting back in silence and taking everything in; for me at least. 

I’ve been helping with Middle School Volleyball practices recently (I love them so much by the way and wish I could have thanked them for all the fun and friendships that they provided. It’s also a huge ego booster but that’s besides the point,) and let me tell you, everyone who said high school is a million times better than middle school was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I don’t think anyone has ever looked back at middle school and went “yeah that was enjoyable.” Recently it’s really been hitting me that I am in fact a teenager. I’m 16. That’s like the big girl age. I can drive (with a parent.) I’m going to need to get a job soon. I have to like, manage my own money and time. I don’t think I’m remotely mature enough to exist in society but life isn’t going to wait for me to be ready so here I come. 

This year I’ve had the opportunity to make friends with upperclassmen due to having more classes with them, like this one. I’m actually the only underclassmen on the newspaper staff. To Be fully honest, I almost dropped this class at the beginning of the year because I was lowkey intimidated by the juniors and seniors and thought that they treated me like a toddler. I can’t imagine the friendships, laughter, memories, and even a little education that I would have missed out on if I did. Although we might possibly have the worst work ethic of any group that Knoch High School has seen before, my fellow staff members are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the fortune of becoming close with. I wouldn’t want to annoy Ms. T with anyone else. 

Looking back at old photos and videos from the beginning of the school year has made me realize how much I’ve learned and changed. If I told September me even HALF of the things I’ve learned and done, I think I’d explode. As I’m writing this now, there are 13 ½ days of school left. All I can think about is how is that possible? Yes, there are absolutely classes that I will not miss whatsoever, but the people in them and the fun we had I will. Doing proofs in Geometry is miserable, but the kid in the back of class doing a headstand can lighten the mood immediately. I may have no idea how to do tetrahedral electron domains, but making s’mores with an alcohol burner at 8 A.M. is worth it. And I might not care too much about King Louis XVI, but playing modified skee ball after class and rolling on the floor with laughter is enough to keep me coming back with a smile on my face every day. 

Believe me, I’ve always opposed school, along with being an avid summer fan, but I truly will miss my sophomore year. I could talk about all the funny moments I’ve had these past 9 months for hours, but to put it shortly, times like these really make me thankful for the life I have. To all of my friends and teachers who have made the 2022-2023 school year the happiest one yet, thank you. See you in August, Knights.