Concert Time 1


Kaya Morgan, Staff Writer

Over the summer, I went to the Taylor Swift concert (among many other girls). It was incredible! The experience on top  of going with my best friend. . .  it was great. The stadium was packed with people of all ages dressed in their Taylor Swift attire and ready to wake up the next morning with no voice.  It started to rain right as the concert was over and everyone was running to get to their cars. What was really rough was we got home at 1:30 a.m. and had to get up at 7 a.m. for band camp the next day. It was definitely the highlight of my summer.

So, I know it’s strange, but for this first blog, I did an interview with myself. Ms. T calls this our “get out of jail free” blog (the one where we focus on ourselves). I hope you enjoy! 

What concert have you been to?

I went to the Taylor Swift Concert

What is your favorite part about it?

My favorite part about the concert was being with my best friend Grace Poeppel, and they gave us bracelets when we walked in and they lit up with the music.

Where was it at?

It was at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

Why are you passionate about concerts?

Because a lot of singers sound better in concert than they do on the radio. Its a fun atmosphere when you and everyone there is jumping up and down and singing their hearts out.

Who opened in the concert?

The openers were Charlie XCX and Camila Cabello.

What was your favorite song?

My favorite song by far was Did Something Bad because everyone was dancing and screaming and just having the time of their life