Concert Blog


Kaya Morgan, Staff Writer

Name: Grace Poeppel

Grade: 11


Q:What concert have you been too?

A:Granger Smith

Q:What is your favorite part about it?

A:I love Granger and I’ve been waiting to see him since freshman year and I’m so excited I finally got to go to his concert. It was amazing. Definitely worth standing in the rain for an hour and a half. It was probably my favorite concert I’ve ever been to.

Q:Where was it at?

A:Stage AE

Q:Why are you passionate about concerts?

A:I love the atmosphere. It’s cool to hear everyone singing along and having a good time. Concerts are one of my favorite things to go to.

Q:Who opened in the concert?


Q:What was your favorite song?

A:Don’t Tread On Me

Q:Who did you go with?

A:Kaya Morgan

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add ?

A: Hi my name’s Will