Friday Night Rights


Junior Dalton Reed and I before convincingly beating the Ambridge Bridgers 36-6.

Dustin Schlagel, Staff Writer

Knoch Knights’ football has started off the season well.

Surprisingly well.

After an underwhelming season where the Knights just barely missed the playoffs, they are 5-1. Four of the wins have been section games.

Running back Matt Goodlin broke the single season rushing yards record last year, and from what it seems, he’s on track to do it again.

“The offensive line has been amazing at opening up holes and getting to their blocks,” Goodlin said. “Our athletic A-backs Wojciechowski and Johnston have been a big part for blocking and as pitch men as well.”

Although new head coach Brandon Mowry is new to the role, he is definitely not new to the coaching game. With 15 years under his belt, Mowry knows every in and out of anything to do with the sport. While the offensive side of the ball has been flourishing, the defensive side of the ball may be doing even better, averaging less than 10 points let up per game.

“The defense has improved tremendously compared to last year,” Goodlin said. “A big part of our success on defense has been the emergence of Brady Mckee. Although he hasn’t played for a while, he has really come into his own and has played a big role on this defense.”

Speaking of new, the Knoch football team has had their fair share of new experiences as of recently. To match the new head coach Frank Whalen in 2016, the Knights brought in a rare, running based offense called the Triple Option.

“It’s more of a responsibility blocking then in most other offenses,” said junior offensive guard Eli Reese. “What we know for sure is that we need to play a full four quarters rather than waiting until waiting late in the game to pull through. That was our main issue against Blackhawk.”

While there is a lot of talent and hard work being put in for your 2019-2020 knights, you have to recognize the genius of these coaches.  One coach that I would love to talk about would be Coach Kamer; Offensive and Defensive line coach and Star Wars enthusiast.

“The biggest part of our success leading up to now has been the hard work and comradely from our players,” Coach Kamer said. “I wouldn’t change a thing about how we’ve played this year. We’re winning, and considering that, we don’t have a lot to change.”

One thing for sure is that this Knoch Knight Football team is doing something right, and whatever they’re doing, they want to keep this spark this whole season.