Truffys’s Transatlantic Trip


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

If I had to describe my trip to Germany in one word, it would be AMAZING! So I’m going to be focusing on what the entire trip was like. This is going to be a really scuffed telling of what my trip was like to Germany.

So it was like July 4th, well it was July 4th, and the only reason I remember that was because we left on my birthday. I was jacked about leaving on my b-day, so my parents said I could have anything I want for breakfast, so I ate deep fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, and something else deep fried. Say what you want, but I can’t put on weight no matter how hard I try.

 Anyways, I got to the airport, we all took a group picture, said our goodbyes, and headed through security. We stayed in the airport for like an hour and a half, and then we took the first flight to Chicago. We stayed in the Chicago airport for like 3 hours; all I remember about this was being super sweaty, eating spicy chicken tendies at Chillis, watching people go by, and then wonder where they were going. After this, we all meet at our gate and sat in the chairs for like an hour or so. 

But, I don’t remember this since I took triple the amount of melatonin than was recommended. I then passed out in the airport, and then it was time to leave. I was rudely awoken by I think Jacob Mock; he probably said something along the lines of “Truffy it’s time to get up they are taking our bags”. Being super drowsy, I threw my bag at the airport worker and got on the plane. To be honest, I’m not sure how I even got my bag to Germany.

When we were on the plane, I sat next to Gabe Webb, watched “Us”, fell asleep like five times, and then just gave up and decided to sleep. I ate really bad chicken and rice, drank a Coke, and fell back asleep. I woke up again, ate breakfast that was like fruit, and more Coke, then feel asleep again. Woke up, I had another Coke, and then we were almost there.

I was super drowsy and didn’t want to exist anymore. We then landed and I changed out of my sweaty clothes. While I was in the bathroom, some old dude watched me. I was about to fight, mainly from being really irritated, and tired, until I looked at him in the eyes and then he looked away. He realized he was being creepy, and left once I caught him looking at me. So, that was my first experience in Germany. 

After everyone was ready to go, we all got on the bus. The ride that was like three hours long to get to the town where they picked us up, but along the way we stopped at a German McDonalds. It felt like a nightmare for us Americans because of jet lag. All I wanted was a hamburger. What I got was something worse than hamburgers here. Worst of all I had to pay for refills, and that really sucks when you pay for a large and you get a small and get no refills. So, after this McDonalds trip, we got to the school and Simon and his parents were there to pick me up. We got to their house, and I unpacked my things. We went out to dinner that night, they decided to take me to their town’s local restaurant. I got to take in some German scenery, get some pretzels, meats, and cheeses.

 We went home that night and I went straight to sleep. I was so tired from the long trip. 

I got to sleep in the next day, so I woke up at like 11:30ish, and we decided that we wanted to go swimming. German swimming pools are super clean compared to ours. Before you walk into any pool area, there is a little pool that you have to step through to clean your feet. We just swam and hung out with Simon’s friend Moe. We were throwing a ball all the way across the pool to each other, only to hit a small child in the head and make him cry. After that, we still decided to keep throwing it across the pool, almost beaming other small children in the process. After laying in the sun for two hours or so, we decided to leave. 

We went back to his house and changed our clothes, and then went to go play soccer with Moe. It was just us three, and we had a blast just playing Brazilian soccer. It’s a game where the ball can’t touch the ground, and you have to try to score without it being on the ground. On the way back, we were walking and I was taking pictures of the scenery, and Moe said “ Adison, what don’t you take a picture of something beautiful”. I asked him what he meant, and flexed his muscles. I humored him and took a picture of him. That night, there was a party in his town. We met with Moe again, walked around and got food. After watching the live band playing “Take On Me” for the second time, we decided to go make a fire at Moe’s house. Then Moe, Simon, and I walked a half mile to his house, sat for like an hour, and then we went back to Simon’s house to go to sleep.

 The next day, they took me to a Shakespeare In The Park which was all in German by the way, and I didn’t understand anything that was going on. It was three hours long with no intermission, and I didn’t feel well. It was about some white dude that killed people, and a Pope that was a woman and she got pregnant and no one knew that she wasn’t a man. It was really weird.

The next day, we went to their town Weiden and went on a walking tour and visited a couple churches. That night we went to lazer tag, and had WWIII. this time, the Americans lost. The German girl Alena was on top of every single game. After that, everyone said their goodbyes and we all went home. The next day was chill, and we just went to school and came home and hung out.

 The next major event was us going to Muchen and going shopping. We had a guided tour, and after that had an hour to ourselves. Simon, Evo, Sidney, and I all went to a German pizza place. I got a massive BBQ chicken pizza; it was really good. I also spent like $10 on drinks. It was pretty sad to be honest. Put a couple more chill days in between, and then we went to a Concentration Camp. I’m not going to talk about that just out of respect and becuase of how terrible it was. Then a couple days later, we packed our things for Berlin, we saw the Berlin Wall, Check Point Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, and lots of other landmarks. We meet up with Frau Cramer, and after that, then went to a hotel and spent the night. I roomed with Gabe Webb, and we just ran around with a Russian hat, a Soviet flag, and gas mask I bought. Then, we got yelled at and went back to our room to do: what boys do, talk about girls, make slightly inappropriate jokes, and things of that nature. We had to be in the lobby by 6 AM, but Gabe Webb and I woke up at like 6:05, and threw everything in our room in our bags, and left for our flight. It left at like 9:30. There was nothing really major about the trip back. I was just happy to come back and see my parents. In conclusion Germany was pretty lit I guess. 

OH AND WE WENT TO A FREAKING CASTLE. I can’t leave that out it was just amazing.