LoL Champions: Darius


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

Welcome to my first Champion Spotlight. Today we are going to be looking at Darius, The Hand of Noxus. Darius is just an all-around unit, he carries around a giant ax, has like the broadest shoulders I’ve ever seen, and he’s from Noxus. If that’s not a beast I don’t know what is.

So, you play this guy top lane and you build him with tank items. But it doesn’t matter, this guy can build whatever he wants and still run your team over. If he builds ad he’s just going to kill your team faster than if he built tank items. If he builds tank items this dude is going to run at your team without a care in the world while he still 1v5’s your entire team and walks out of it with like 3⁄4’s health left, it’s basically like a bunch of children jumping out in front of a trunk and expecting to stop it for only to hit those kids so hard that they wondered why they did it in the first place. 

If you are playing against Darius and he gets one kill, make peace with your god and pray that when your jungle final comes up for the 1v2 he only kills one of you and not both of you. So now, let’s actually talk about Darius’s kit. 

His passive Hemorrhage “Darius aims his attacks strategically, causing his target to bleed. This effect stacks up to five times. Enemies that reach max Hemorrhage cause Darius to gain Noxian Might, greatly increasing his damage.” So when you are fighting this guy in lane if he hits you one time it’s like a papercut, but if he hits you 5 times that paper cut turns into him stabbing 20 times in the gut, not fun, but it only gets worse from here, 

His Q Decimate, “After a short delay, Darius swings his ax around himself, striking enemies in its path. Darius heals for 15% of his missing Health per enemy champion hit by the ax (max: 45%). So What this means is that Darius is going to swing his ax around in a circle and if he hits you he is going to put two stacks of hemorrhage into you which is already going to deal a lot of damage. But the worst thing about this is the health he can get back from this, he can get up to 45% of his health back if he hits this. 

So if you somehow manage to get this guy low he’s just going to press q and get half his health back. His next ability Crippling strike slows you a heck ton so that you can’t run away, and since you can’t go anywhere he is just going to hit you more so you bleed more. 

His E is a pull that takes away a percent of your armor for a short period. So if he pulls you in he’s going to hit all of his other abilities and then he’s going to be able to press R and kill you. So his R Noxian Guillotine is an execute that one he hits you 5 times he can instantly kill you. 

The only thing I can say more about this guy is that when I’m playing top lane, and I see this guy be picked, I’m going to take my 5 minutes for dodging. Thank you all for reading this first League of Legends Champion Spotlight.