Types of People During Quarantine

Types of People During Quarantine

With all the crazy things going on in the world, there are many different ways people are handling this situation. Quarantine has some people constantly stressing out about what’s going to happen next, and some are acting like nothing’s different. All I know is that after this is all over, people are going to appreciate the small things in life a lot more. This new change in our current lifestyle has brought out different sides of many people. It really doesn’t matter how you’re handling this, but all I’m hoping for is that everyone practices social distancing so that we can go back to having some normalcy in our lives. Try to stay safe and healthy, and remember to make good decisions!

The Fitness Freak:

These are the people that have been wanting to start losing weight or working out more, but they just “never had time”.  They see this pandemic as a sign to get off their butts and do something active.  They can be seen on tiktok documenting them running a mile a day or doing the two week Chloe Ting ab challenge.

The one that eats their boredness:

This person is the complete opposite from the last one. They have “absolutely nothing to do,” so all they do is binge watch shows on Netflix, and keep opening up their refrigerator and snack cabinets hoping something new will pop up each time. They don’t like that they’re eating so much food but they just can’t help it. This type of person can’t wait for this to be over, so they can relearn their ability to starve themselves like they did at school, and lose some of the weight they put on since this started.

The oblivious one:

They don’t really know much about the coronavirus; they just know they’re not supposed to go outside and be around other people, and they’re completely fine with that. This person is a homebody, and they are absolutely loving quarantine. They don’t have to force themselves to talk to people, and they will probably be upset when this is all over because they’ll have to socialize with people again.

The rule breakers:

These are the types of people that say they hate quarantine and being stuck in their house, and then  continue to hang out with their friends. On behalf of everyone that wants this to be over: please stay home so we can have a summer. Thanks!

The deniers:

These people completely ignore what is going on in the world and choose to believe that the coronavirus is simply not real. They say that it’s really not that serious, and that people are making a much bigger deal about this than it actually is. This person believes they’re invincible and cannot be touched by the virus. These people may fall into the rule breakers category as well. 

The constantly motivated one:

These are the types of people that wake up early to eat breakfast, go for a run, and get all their schoolwork done before lunch time. Throughout the whole quarantine, these people always eat good, balanced meals, and they limit their screen time so they can have time to be creative. They’re always trying to keep a positive attitude and outlook, and after a day full of that, they go to bed early and do it all again the next day.

I’d like to shout out all of my students who email me from 1AM to 4AM. Why are you working on your articles at 3:11? Go to bed.”

— Ms. Thompson

The one that doesn’t leave their bed:

All this person does is watch Netflix and Youtube or play video games, and their sleep schedule has been destroyed because of it. They like to stay up all night and sleep all day. If this person even does their schoolwork they do it from the comfort of their own bed and look up all the answers or turn it in late.


The super paranoid one:

All of this person’s cabinets are completely STOCKED. They have everything from toilet paper to all of their favorite snacks. They are prepared to be locked up in their house for months, even after all of this is over. They refuse to even go to the grocery store because they already have everything they need, and they don’t want to risk their health. Even in the safety of their own home, they are constantly putting on hand sanitizer and wiping down everything anyone touches with a Clorox wipe.

The one that’s slowly going insane:

Quarantine could not be going any slower for this person, and they can’t take it anymore. All they want is for life to go back to normal and to hang out with their friends again. They’re so tired of doing the exact same thing every single day, and want this to be over so badly. They can often be seen crying on their private snapchat stories and complaining about how much they hate online school.

The one who thinks they already had it:

After googling the coronavirus symptoms, this person suddenly remembers that they coughed and sneezed once in January and thinks that they’ve already had it. They say that they have already “built up their immunity” to covid-19 and always tell people that they can do whatever they want because they can’t get it again.

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