The Sound of Silence

Athletes Adjust to Lack of Fans

Emma Broman, Staff Writer

Imagine it’s the second half of the girls’ soccer game, and Megan Vasas steals the ball of the other team, dribbles in and scores! The crowd goes wild and everyone’s cheering.

“Volleyball always has to be loud. When people were allowed to come it helped a ton keeping the team very positive and having a good time.”

— Maddy Hensch

Parents, students, and athletes are missing the sound of cheering and the adrenalin.

Megan Vasas said, “I miss that feeling of pride when people are cheering you on.”

Recently due to the Corona Disease the fans at sports game have been limited. Meaning only some tickets are given out and only a select few people can come.

“Not many people are allowed to come but its soccer so we aren’t used to a lot of fans anyways!” said Junior, soccer player Brendan Tristani. “I know my family really wants to come like my grandparents and dad but they can’t because of the whole situation.”

The limiting of fans is very hard on most athletes. A ton of seniors and underclassmen would really love support from their parents. Parents also are dying to watch their kids play.

“Barely any fans just doesn’t give the same energy; It doesn’t get our team as pumped up and it doesn’t give us any motivation to play our best,” said Tristani. “I also want to thank the staff for even making soccer possible this year though. Even though it’s much different than last year, I’m thankful for even getting to play.”

Many kids are very thankful for sports just being allowed in general. Even though they aren’t happy about the situation with barely any fans, the school is trying its best because it can’t help with what’s going on in the world right now.

Sophomore Maddy Hensch is extremely used to tons of fans. She said, “Volleyball always has to be loud. When people were allowed to come it helped a ton keeping the team very positive and having a good time.”

Fans always keep teams happy and positive because when you do something good the praise lifts your spirits a ton and makes you feel good about yourself. With no one there athletes feel as though your great play doesn’t matter.

Hensch said, “This year was a big adjustment in general for volleyball. Not only did we lose a ton of girls, but we also gained a lot of girls who didn’t have a middle school season. A plus to all of this is we are bonding better together because without all the ciaos we are able to communicate throughout the game better.”

Staying positive about the situation is a key factor because the plus is that it will bring teams together even more because they have to stick together through times like this. If everyone takes a look at the memories you will make from this experience, it’s easier to not be so negative about it.

Hensch said, “I am almost certain we will have fans by next year just because I feel like a lot of us are paying attention to the rules and doing what we are supposed to in order to keep everyone safe.”

Next year we are supposed to have back our seasons with fans as long as everyone stays healthy and following procedures. It would be horrible if the new players didn’t have a regular season yet again, especially if the upcoming seniors also don’t get their regular year back.

This year teams have been through a lot but it’s all brought them together even closer. Even though this has been a major challenge, teams have never been closer.

“I believe our team has a very good bond due to corona, and our team has good potential,” said Hensch.