The Door is Always Open!

Meet the New Nurse

The Door is Always Open!

Knoch High School recently welcomed their newest staff member, Chelsea Golemboski. As the new high school nurse, how is she handling all the tasks of her job?  And, what is the life of a nurse during COVID? 

“Being a nurse during a pandemic is NOT easy!” said Mrs Golemboski. 

Mrs. G is adjusting to the new school and the new situation with the world, and there is no way that can be fun. 

“It’s a big challenge for me because I have no previous education to prepare me for this. When the pandemic began, I was working as a travel nurse in a NICU in Tennessee and our hospital ran out of ventilators and everything was shifting to CDC guidelines so changes were not easy,” said Mrs Golemboski. 

School nurses have to abide by all the policies of the CDC. So, not only are they doing the job of taking care of sick and injured kids at school throughout the day, they are also enforcing mask wearing, notifying families about exposures, and screening students for COVID symptoms. 

“Starting any new job in a new place is usually stressful, but it is even tougher learning throughout a pandemic such as this one,” she said. “I feel like I have a strong support system here and that definitely helps relieve the stress.” 

Of course nobody wants to be the bear of bad news in a time like this. Life is upsetting enough; giving bad news is the cherry on the top. 

“It’s been so hard quarenting students, I hate giving bad news and being the one to send them home, it’s so sad.” said Golemboski. 

Previously Chelsea was working as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse and cared for sick babies. The whole school nurse thing is completely different for her. 

Mrs G said, “I had to adjust my sleep schedule a ton because I worked the night shift for the past three years, and now I’m working all through the day.”

Knoch has welcomed her a ton and made her feel like she was happily taken in.

Junior Megan Mitchell said, “ She is one of the nicest people, and she’s always positive.” 

Mrs. G looks to be really enjoying Knoch and what she is doing here. Students are saying she is a great fit and treats people with much respect. 

Mitchell said, “I have to go to the nurse everyday before lunch to take medication which she has to give to me. It’s so nice to go down there because I know when I get there, she will be very happy and talkative, and she is always asking me about my day and how I am.” 

The nurses office can be a scary place, and not many people feel comfortable going there. 

Mrs. G doesn’t want people to feel that way.

She said, “I want students to know that my office is a judgement free zone and everyone is welcome. I take mental and physical health very seriously and understand that this year has been an especially tough year for students. I never want them to hesitate to see me if they have any concerns about their health.” 

It’s cool to have a young and passionate nurse who deeply cares about how you are feeling and to be available to talk to at the school. 

Junior Adam Plutt said, “It’s really nice feeling so comfortable around her because she always provides a safe place to go to.” 

Mrs. Golemboski plans on focusing a ton into her new job as school nurse. She is grateful to finally have a house of her own and not have to move every three months. 

“Fun fact: my husband and I have lived in 10 different places over the last two and a half years!” she said. 

A little look more into her personal life: She and her husband are highschool sweethearts and got married on the same date he asked her out 10 years later! They have a mini Australian Shepherd named Charlie. 

She has tons of interests and hobbies that you would have no idea about!

Mrs Golemboski said, “I enjoy skiing, reading, live music, campfires, and spending time with my family and friends.” 

The nurse is a very friendly and caring person who can’t wait to meet more students. 

“Stop by my office and say hello, my door is always open!” said Nurse G.