Fashion Fiesta Q&A

Mrs. Copeland


Ava Allday, Staff Writer



Mrs. Copeland

Grade? ( or grade you teach)

Librarian-High School/Middle School

What year had the best style statements? Why?

I like the women’s fashions of the 1950’s and men’s fashions of the 1940’s. I like the tailored styles.  I liked the variety of necklines on the women’s dresses and tops.  The men looked so polished in their hats.

What was the stylish outfit from that year?

The sheath dress.

Would you say the recent fashion trends are better than the old? Why?

The fashions today have so much more variety and allow for comfortable and flattering styles for different body types.

Which Teacher in KHS has the closest sense of style to the year you picked?

I would say that possibly Miss Bronder is the closest as she often wears tailored blouses and skirts that are more form fitting.  And Mr. Zebrine wears dress shoes and dress shirts and ties daily.