Inside Scoop of The Volleyball Crisis!


Ava Allday, Staff Writer

The usually dominant volleyball team is having a tough season.

Along with the win and lose ratio getting worse and worse, members of the girls’ volleyball team are dropping like flies. Earlier this season, many upperclassmen quit in the blink of an eye, leaving the freshmen to control the court.

“It is definitely a struggle not having the girls there who left,” said freshman Hallie Avon. “We were working with them every day and now we have to keep adapting every time someone leaves.”

The volleyball team is halfway through the season, and they have only won two games against Highlands and Deer Lakes.

What’s causing this?

Losing players is very significant, but is that the reason they are lacking on the court? Bonding is a very important thing that can lead them to a win.

“The JV is primarily freshman and I believe most of them have been friends for a while, but we haven’t found the chemistry on the court yet,” said [assistant] Coach Pendleton.

Connection and bonding is one of the key points to playing a team sport.

The girls are practicing up to twenty-five hours a week. Is that the reason they aren’t winning? Are they worn down by game time?

“We practice the perfect amount to me, the team always has so much to go over and work on,” said sophomore Sammy Robb. “Plus, Saturday practices are always a booster.”

Although Robb enjoys practicing all day long, it does affect her school work.

“It is really hard to keep up with homework on game nights,” said Robb. “We always get home so late.”

Avon, on the other hand, says that practice and game times almost never effect her school work.

While school work is a main priority, they still can’t let that affect them on the court.

“I expect positive attitudes, one hundred percent effort, listening, and follow directions from the whole team, all the time.” said Coach Pendleton.

Over all, the volleyball team has a lot going on. That doesn’t mean they still won’t pull out a great rest of the season.

“We have a really solid well rounded team despise all of our differences sometimes,” said Avon. “We all give our best effort though, and I have hope for a good season.”