Goodbye Knoch!

Goodbye Knoch!

Emma Broman, Staff Writer

Everyone always says time goes by fast but it wasn’t until now I believed them. Growing up in school has taught me so much. I truly think everything about this place has made me who I am today. This is the place where I have had my highest moments and my lowest. And somehow in just 10 days all of that comes to a close.

School hasn’t always been easy for me. Growing up I struggled with really bad anxiety that made school seem impossible to go to, for years I wasn’t sure how I would ever make it through. I always thought how I just couldn’t wait to get out and be done. School felt hopeless for me, it felt like nothing could pull me out of this mindset. That was until I got close to my best friends that I have today. 


I have met some of the greatest people in my life here at Knoch. These people have changed my life. I want to start off with my best friend Carly. I’ve known Carly since I first came to this school in second grade. She was the first person to introduce herself to me and include me in everything. Not a moment goes by where I didn’t feel completely myself with her. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, she and I are as close as humanly possible and I know no matter what she would always be there for me, in the bad times and the good. She has celebrated with me and cried with me but no matter what she is always there right by my side. Carly has also brought my other amazing friends into my life.

I truly believe that good friends and relationships are what high school is all about. I have always valued my relationships with people over academics… clearly.. Lol.. but no, really I found myself living so much more in the moment and making memories that last a lifetime with friends vs constantly worrying about grades. The best advice I can give you is that if you try your best without stressing yourself out, you’ll do great. A test grade doesn’t define who you are. What defines you is your character. How you can impact someone that makes them remember you for a lifetime. Kindness goes a long way and always will. Once I started living that way, I noticed a lot of my anxiety and stress faded.


In 10th grade, I feel like I truly started to find myself. This was the year my view on school fully switched, I absolutely loved it. I 


had a good amount of older friends who were seniors, they taught me about what high school is all about. They showed me how to have fun without a care in the world and, it really helped me come out of my shell and just laugh. It was hard to see them go and move on from school but they sure did make an impact on my life. It made me realize how important friendship was. This is when I started becoming closer to my friends Jake, Erin, and Eden. There has never been a dull moment

 with them. I know I can always count on them to make me laugh and help me get through the day. School wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Along with the amazing memories I have in these hallways and classrooms with teachers and peers, I also hold tight the memories I have from the sports I’ve played. I want to mainly talk about soccer. I only played soccer for three years but I have so many memories from it. I started playing soccer because one of my good friends Megan played it and she asked me to join. So of course I said yes. From the bus rides with loud music to deep sideline conversations, soccer felt like a family. We always had the best time all together even if it meant we had to run till we wanted to throw up. It didn’t matter if it was rain or shine, win or lose, we were always laughing and hyping each other up. Although I wasn’t the best at soccer, no one ever made me feel like for a second that I wasn’t awesome. Even though I sat on the bench a lot it didn’t matter because that’s honestly when the best conversations would happen. My favorite game nights were the nights where it was either Me and Willow or Me and Jess, we would just sit and have the best conversations. I love them and I am going to miss them.


Matter of fact I am going to miss it all, every single second of this place. I want to shout out this awesome newspaper class and the Queen Miss T. Miss T you have put up with my shenanigans for all of high school so props to you on that. I’ve never met a funnier teacher than you. And to all of my classmates I am going to miss you and the lovely memories I hold with all of you. I am going to miss seeing these same people through these same halls everyday, funny remarks from random kids in the back of the class, running into the school at 7:30, getting hit in the head with a dodgeball in gym class, and making the same jokes with the same friends everyday. I am going to miss everything.

One last shout out I’d love to give is to my newest friend Ale. You have the kindest heart and you always put a smile on my face. Keep being you and I’m going to miss you Ale!


Bye Knoch High School, you will always hold a special place in my heart. The memories will never fade and the people will never be forgotten. I might leave here not really knowingmy multiplication table or where a comma goes, but I will leave here knowing who I am and what I am capable of. So thank you.