Do you like… (Spring Edition)


Here’s senior Maya Wirtz. Beautiful landscape and even more beautiful girl.

Teresa Kuo, Staff Writer

Hello there, fellow reader!

This time of the year… the sun is shining, the air is warmer, the flowers and trees are budding and even blooming, and the birds are chirping, tweeting, and singing. YES, IT’S FINALLY SPRING TIME!

I’ve been waiting for this season… for literally forever. Every time Spring rolls around, I get super excited because it means that Summer is real close.

Maya Wirtz: “I basically said yes to everything, so I think I do love Spring.”

Maya Wirtz is a senior this year. She is a part of the swim team and track team. Plus, there’s so much for her to do outdoors during this time of the year. She may seem shy but she really is an outdoor and fun girl!

Do you like…

the rain? YES NO
sound of the rain? YES NO
to jump in puddles? YES NO
rain gear (examples: rain coat/jacket, rain boots, umbrella, etc.)? YES NO
seeing rainbows after it rains? YES NO
the warmer weather? YES NO
cherry blossoms? YES NO
tulips? YES NO
daffodils? YES NO
dandelions? YES NO
seeing flowers starting to bud? YES NO
picking flowers? YES NO
seeing trees starting to bud? YES NO
gardening? YES NO
feeding birds? YES NO
bunnies? YES NO
hearing the birds sing? YES NO
having picnics? YES NO
going to a farmer’s market? YES NO
going on bike rides? YES NO
going on a run/walk? YES NO
going on hikes? YES NO
spring clean up (examples: closet/wardrobe change, desk change, room and decor change, etc.) YES NO
the pastel color trend? YES NO
the floral prints trend? YES NO