Chase Mullen


Adam Stobert, Staff Writer

Name: Chase Mullen

Grade: 12

Sport: Football

Position: Quarterback
Number: 12

“We thought we were going to do a lot better in the section but turns out the teams we face are very good,” said Mullen when asked about this year’s season.

Although our Knights haven’t had the best season, Mullen is still very optimistic when it comes to how this season has turned out.

“We learned to win together and lose together, we play as one, and we ‘rise as one’,” said Mullen.

Mullen also stated that a player for us to keep an eye on is Matty Goodlin, stating that he a great all-around player.

Chase also credited his coaches for always teaching them more than just football.

“They always motivate us and never get down on us,” said Mullen