I’m the girl with the 64oz water

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I’m the girl with the 64oz water

Celeste Beacom, Features Editor

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I’m sure you’ve seen my new water bottle. It is a 64oz giant bottle. Yes, I think it all in a day…..I usually drink way more.


You probably think I’m crazy.

Which I am……but I’m healthy.

I can not stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to be hydrated.


Water already makes up 60% of our body weight. Water helps maintain blood volume and allows proper circulation, helps regulate our body temperature, and acts as a shock absorber for our joints and for our brain.

It can also improve physical performance, help you lose weight, boost your mood,boost your brainpower, prevent headaches, and protect against disease.

You should be drinking between  2 and 3 liters per DAY. However your body may need more in hot climates, when you are more physically active, you have a fever, or are having diarrhea or vomiting.

Drinking water personally stops me from snacking. Sometimes your body is triggering hunger signals when you’re just thirsty. Drinking water will also prevent fluid retention.

Did you know room temperature water is good for your gut health? It also keeps things flowing nicely in the gastrointestinal tract. It helps things go more smoothly in the bathroom if you know what I mean.

Water can make you stronger too. It prevents cramping, and can help your muscles work longer. So you can lift those weights a little longer, helping make you stronger.

Overall the benefits of drinking water go on and on. (it also helps you hold on the youthful skin) So buy yourself a cute bottle, add some lemmons, and get drinkin.