Environmental Update: The Amazon Rain Forest Fires


Grace Phillips, Co-Editor

In the wake of national events such as Hurricane Dorian, the impeachment war, and Trump’s most recent controversial decisions, the Amazon Rain Forest fires have become one huge afterthought. However, the rain forest is still burning. The fires started due to illegal deforestation and decreased forest law enforcement. Fires decreased in September when, after international outcry, Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, deployed military to the Amazon and enacted a two month ban on forest clearing. When Bolsonaro was inducted into office in January, he basically declared the Amazon as open game for ranchers, farmers, and miners. Without the continued worldwide pressure on Bolsonaro to leave the rain forest alone, it is feared that the Amazon will continue burning and eventually die off. 

What you can do to help: reduce your consumption of paper, wood, oil, and beef. Work to be more sustainable in your lifestyle. This means monitoring your usage of single-use plastics and wasteful products. Keep yourself updated on current events and politics and let your voice be heard. If you’d like to donate to projects working to help the Amazon, WWF has set up an emergency fund to send resources to those fighting the fires.