Movie review: Frozen

Andrew Brandt, Staff Writer

Directed by: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck
November 27, 2013
4 out of 5 stars
The movie starts with a musical number because this is a musical. In this, we meet ice gatherers who are getting their ice. We meet Kristoff and Sven a friend reindeer, who is young and is having some trouble.
The movie jumps to a castle where the audience meets the two main characters Elsa and Anna when they are kids. Anna wants Elsa to play with her early in the morning, Elsa agrees and that’s when the audience finds out that Elsa has magical ice powers. As Elsa and Anna play, Elsa hits Anna with ice. One strand of her hair becomes white when her mom and dad run in and take her to some trolls to save her. Her parents take Elsa away from Anna, and they now are not allowed to see each other. Her parents go on a trip and die(like every Disney princess movie).
A few years later Elsa is having a coronation, and can not control her powers, which makes her nervous. Anna is the complete opposite and is excited to see other people than the staff and runs out into the streets. This is where she meets a handsome prince named Hans. They fall in “love” with each other and ask Elsa for her blessing. Like any reasonable sister, she says no because they just met each other. Anna freaks out and makes Elsa use her powers, which she shows everyone that came to the coronation. Elsa gets embarrassed and runs away, but not before turning this summer time into a hard winter in the blink of an eye.
This starts the chase for Elsa. Were Anna goes after Elsa so she can unfreeze the kingdom. Anna meets Kristoff in Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna. She asks him to take her to Elsa at the top of the mountain. Why on the top of the mountain? Well because Elsa breaks into song and dance and builds a large ice castle where she lets it go. Anna makes her way up the mountain with Kristoff and Sven. This is when they meet Olaf, a snowman that talks. They go on an adventure to get Elsa back to the kingdom to unfreeze the winter.
Skipping ahead, Anna realizes that Hans is actually a bad guy. He tries to kill Anna and Olaf until Olaf sacrifices himself to help Anna, even though he doesn’t stay melted for long. Hans wants the kingdom to himself and tries to kill Elsa, when Anna saves her and gets frozen. Through the power of sisterhood she gets unfrozen and they all lived happily ever after.
I gave it to him because I think the movie is overplayed. It’s a good Disney princess movie, but hearing “Let it Go” a hundred times is a little annoying. The animation is good as well as the voice acting. Although the songs are overplayed, they are catchy and nicely done. Overall a nice movie.