Knoch’s Working Class

Samantha Moody, Staff Writer

They say you have your whole life to work. 

But money sounds so nice. 

Why have a job in high school, shouldn’t school be your job? 

If you think about it, how many students at Knoch High School have jobs? It may not be something anyone would normally think about, but trust me, there are a lot more students at our school that have jobs. Many of the students will sit through an entire day of school then go directly to work. 

I am one of those students. 

As some may already know, I am a hostess at The Clubhouse in Gibsonia. So yes, I’m the one who stands there and greets people as they walk in and out of the restaurant, answers the phone and controls where you get to sit. And every so often, when desperately needed, I food-run. For those who don’t know what that is, it is exactly what it sounds like. A food runner is the one who brings the food out to the table. I will admit, working there is one of my personality traits. All I talk about sometimes is working, but I will say I do enjoy it. Especially the money factor. Even though I don’t do strenuous work, and I don’t work hours on end, the money I receive every two weeks on my paycheck feels very rewarding. The minimum wage I make as a host, $7.25, makes me feel pretty good. 

And for you who have jobs and make more than minimum wage per hour, consider yourself lucky. 

No one truly wants to work, but you would be shocked by the amount of students that go to school with you that have a job. 

Everyday, teenagers are filling out applications for jobs, whether their parents are forcing them to get a job or just by personal preference. Here you will be able to read about the different students here at Knoch that have jobs that they love or maybe even hate.