That Explains The Princess Diana Shrine


Paige Duke, Photo/ Video Editor

During the first weeks of March, history teacher Mr. Pflugh was caught talking on the phone every day at the same time. Hmmm, who is he talking to so routinely? A girlfriend? A secret wife? A secret family? 

I had a couple students and faculty do some investigating to figure out a little more of what Mr. Pflugh is hiding. 

Mr. Goldinger said, “ put a hidden mic in his room and he was talking to someone named ‘Harry’. They were talking about him taking some time off of work to go and visit Harry now that he’s in the US.”

Junior Lauren Schriner said, “I think I heard them talking about fruit, so I think it’s Harry Styles.” 

As it turns out, this Harry in question is none other than Prince Harry. Initially, Pflugh would neither confirm nor deny his relationship with Harry but eventually gave in and told us all about it.

“He’s my son,” Mr. Pflugh said. “I’ve known since he was born; I just never told anyone. People were suspicious when Harry was about five, so I had to start dying my hair to hide the fact that I’m a ginger too.”

Students have been connecting the dots because he has a British flag in his room and has pictures of Princess Diana on his desk. And now that this is going around, everyone around Knoch has questions. 

How did Mr. Pflugh even meet Princess Diana? Does he have as much money as any of the members of the royal family?

Mr. Pflugh said, “ I had to keep my distance from both of them after he was born since no one could know. It was hard but I visited them both every month before her death.” 

Who knew that one of our history teachers would have a royal son?

“I am not a part of the royal family, but I did grow up in Britain. I met Princess Diana when I was 10, and we immediately became besties,” Mr. Pflugh said. “I left as soon as Harry was born and took a ton of money from the family to keep myself going in America. I eventually got a job at Knoch and have hidden my British accent ever since.”