Nuggies for Knoch

Newest food options at Knoch


No more lukewarm pizzas, no more lunches in waffle cones. The school has heard our complaints, and they are finally listening. The school is adding fast food lunch choices to the cafeterias.

“I cannot express how thrilling it is to hear that we are going to have Chick-Fil-A for lunch. You already know I’m going to eat chicken nuggets everyday,”

— Sophie Brandon


Just imagine how amazing it would be to be walking to lunch, and smelling all of the new food. But what new delicious choices are we adding? 

Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express, Moes, and many other options according to the lunch staff.

Now it may seem like we don’t have enough space (and money) to support this decision, but the school is doing it for us. 

“We know the students are tired of the boring lunches, so we thought this would be a wonderful thing for all of them,” said principal Mr. Trofimuk. 

Instead of sitting in the dull cafeterias and staring at the blank walls, the school is entirely remodeling that section of the high school. We are taking advantage of the huge space the LLC has to offer, and turning it completely into a food court.

“I can’t believe the year after the class of 2021 graduates, they make lunches so much better,” said senior Sam Freyermuth. 

Hey, that’s what happens when you get the short end of the stick. Not only did the class of 2021 practically lose their senior year, they also got ripped off with lunches. 

Oh well… 

Just imagine how amazing it is going to be and how happy everyone will be. You already know when people eat a good lunch, they’re in a better mood all day. There will be no more irritated teenagers because they didn’t get enough to eat during lunch.

“Maybe I’ll actually start to buy lunches considering how much better it will be,” said junior Jaydon Crawford. 

Can you even picture the amount of students that are going to start buying lunches now? With the broad variety of food choices now, I don’t think any students will be packing a lunch. 

“Even though our lunch staff has admitted they enjoy making lunch for the students, they agree it is going to be quite nice to have this option now,” said Mr. Trofimuk. 

As you sit there eating the pizza you have eaten everyday since freshman year, sit back, and think about how fantastic this is going to be.