It’s Turf Time

Its Turf Time

Megan Mitchell, staff writer


“Getting turf for our stadium field has been something we have been working on for a long time,” said Knoch’s Athletic Director Mr. Reiser.

Getting an artificial turf field has been something that has been circling the rumor mill for a few years now. Some people have been for it, while others are against it.

Those who are against it have said that having grass fields gives us a home field advantage since almost every team we play is used to artificial turf. Also, parents and people in the community have argued that grass shouldn’t be replaced because that is what they played on when they were in school.

“The positives of getting an artificial turf field outweigh the negatives,” said Reiser. “Almost all of the other teams in the WPIAL have artificial turf. It’s time for Knoch to catch up.”

The teams that use the stadium field for games are football, boys and girls soccer, and boys and girls lacrosse. With five different sports teams using the field, not including JV and middle school teams, it goes through a lot of abuse.

The biggest advantage of turf is that we will not have to worry about muddy fields anymore. Soccer and football tear the field up in the fall, the grass doesn’t get a chance to grow in the winter, and before you know it, lacrosse is tearing up what little field is left.

Most athletes welcome the change with open arms.

“I’m glad we’re replacing the field with artificial turf,” said junior soccer player Dade George. “The field is difficult to play on because it gets so torn up during football.”

Some are saying that it’s about time.

“I’m glad it’s happening, but I wish it had happened sooner. I won’t get a chance to play on the turf field since I’m graduating this year,” said senior soccer and lacrosse player Jenna Vasas.

Anyone that plays on the field knows that drainage is a huge problem. All of the rain we get in Western PA leads to an extremely muddy field with pooling water. It’s even worse for soccer and lacrosse goalies, because their goals become extremely torn up, and the grass doesn’t have a chance to grow due to repeated use. They end up standing in mud for the duration of their games.

“The new field will be well worth the wait,” said Mr. Reiser. “This will benefit us for years to come.”