Student Parking Lot Scrap Yard

Top Five Worst Cars at Knoch

Paige Duke, Co/ Copy Editor

POV: you’re walking into the school, and you hear a noise getting louder that sounds like the devil is in the student parking lot. You turn around and see an 1879 car that looks like it is about to blow up. The parking lot is constantly full of vo tech kids revving their engines, and people going 45 mph through the lot. Are you going to get run over? More than likely. I interviewed a couple of people who think their car is worth a spot in the top 5 worst cars list and why they think that.  


5. Coming up in number 5 is senior Nathan Glassic. This one isn’t too bad, but it is a 2008 and bright yellow. Self-explanatory. “I have a love-hate relationship with it. The alignment is off, it’s an eyesore, and it is very unreliable,” he said. “The brake line sprung a leak on my way home from church while I had a friend in the car, and the brakes weren’t working. I was also on my way home from work when my exhaust half fell off and dragged behind me the rest of the way home.”


4. Next up at number 4 is senior Madison Zellhart. She has a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has quite a few dents and miles. “I have a love-hate relationship with my car due to it breaking down and making weird noises,” Zellhart said.  “My car can be hard to handle due to the steering wheel. No one likes it at all because it’s too loose, and it needs to be readjusted. I take care of the oil, the power steering fluid, tires, alternator, but it just all backfires on me.”



3. I am going to put myself on this list as number 3. My car [Stacy] is not too old as she is a 2006 Saturn, but she has a few problems. She also has a habit of turning off if I’m going too slow. A couple of weeks ago I was driving to Pittsburgh and heard a concerning noise on the highway. It kept getting louder and sounded like it was coming from my tire. I pulled over and AAA was called. I waited two hours to find out the lugnuts were completely off, and my tire was five minutes from falling off due to some dents in my rim. As I am writing this now I am on the side of the road by my work waiting for AAA and my mother. Some part of the engine blew up and she is no more. Yes, Stacy is in pretty bad shape, but the next two are a bit worse.


2. Number two belongs to senior Nathaniel Becker. This one is a 1991 BMW with over 200,000 miles. According to Becker, the odometer may be broken so that is probably not right. As you can see by the picture, things have fallen off. “My muffler broke down 4 times within the few months I’ve owned the car, and the battery died while being pulled over by a cop…  The cop didn’t help me. The cylinder went bad, so basically, I lost my clutch,” said Becker. “Then the battery died again on my lunch break for work. The alternator also broke while on 228 in Cranberry. I got left in the cold and dark for a little over an hour.” The real question is does it make the cut for the top 5? “To a normal person, I think my car could definitely qualify, but in my eyes, I have one of the coolest cars at Knoch High School,” he said.


1. And the first up on the list, and the unofficial winner of the top 5 worst cars at Knoch is senior Jack Iole. While searching for students to interview, Iole responded, “PLEASE PLEASE ME IT’S 30 YEARS OLD!,” so I figured I should take a look. It indeed is old. It is from 1988 and is 33 years old. “It is sooo hard to handle. You have to start it up early, it’s shut off in the middle of the road several times, and it’s louder than Nascar,” said Iole. Yikes. And I thought my car was bad. “It caught on fire in my driveway one time when it was being worked on. It also stopped in the middle of the road twice because I didn’t start it early to warm it up,” he said. “Once was right in front of the school, and I had to pull into the VA’s front yard. It also died twice while parked for school, and a wire for the headlight fell off on Route 8.”All jokes aside, this seems very unsafe, and Jack, you definitely need a new car. “Please someone donate me a new car,”  Iole said.