Did Friskorn Invent the Bike?

Teachers and Their Christmas gifts


Everyone has a story of their first Christmas. Even poor people with no home can have the common Walmart Santa. Either way, Christmas is a special time for all ages to enjoy, even ‘ye old Mr. Frishkorn. Let’s take a look at some of the gifts teachers received as kids. 


First we have Mr. King received a 1971 Baltimore Colt football helmet on Christmas morning. “As soon as I opened it I started to chase around my brothers.” But how old does that even make Mr.King? And who the heck are the Baltimore Colts? Who knows but Mr.King didn’t care, he was a little man back then.










Even the legend himself, Mr. Miller had a happy christmas. In the third grade, his family made him search for his present. After looking for hours on end, he finally found a brand new hockey net near his dad’s garage. Obviously hockey didn’t work out since he’s basically an olympian tennis player that wears short shorts.








Believe it or not but as a kid, Mr. Andreassi was pretty creative and fun. Don’t believe me? When he was 10 years old he got his first ever Erector Set and his addiction for erector sets started to blossom. “Cars, trucks, bulldozers, even giant carnival swings. I made them all!” But if we’re being honest, what even are “Erector sets”?











This might be the most surprising gift off this list. It’s Mrs. Lentz with the Hot Wheels race track and car that drives up the wall. She’s was asking for that present for a long time but didn’t have the money. Finally with a little Christmas magic, she found it under her tree! Unfortunately it didn’t really work out. “ It only went up the wall like three feet and fell,” said lentz.










Now to something sorta creepy but wholesome. Mrs. Hanner had a very traditional Christmas with very traditional presents. All Mrs. Hanner wanted was a Rainbow Brite Doll, and a big toy house to go with it. Seems like the perfect gift, but taking a look at the doll it does give off nightmare fuel. But Mrs. Hanner seems fine now! Hopefully…










Math teachers were once creative? Not true but now there might be some evidence shown by Mrs. Negley. She opened a wrapped gift and got a kodak pocket camera. “It’s like an old version of a polaroid camera.” However, Mrs. Negley was sneaky and opened the gift the day before she was supposed to! Math teachers never change, even when they were kids.











Frau Karns was really excited to share her most exciting gift. When she was little (no age specified) she received slippers that looked exactly like her dog at the time. It was a bearded collie with a big black nose. She was so happy and always wore them. 









We can all imagine a little Frishkorn going down the steps to his christmas tree and the excitement in his eyes when he saw a brand new bicycle wrapped in paper. Well back in the 1800s, little Frishorn was so excited to ride his new pimpmobile he rode it even in the snow. His parents took a picture before he rode it, here it is. (100% Real image)