The Krason Family Values


Bryn Krason, Business Manager

Christmas is here let’s hear no cheer ding dong ding dong ditch. Welcome to one of my least favorite times of the year. It rains one day, 70 the other and sometimes there is a blizzard. I also really dislike Christmas music. It sucks.


Every year we have cookies. Sometimes I make them and sometimes we buy cookies from my aunt’s coworkers. Some are different from what you would expect but they are my favorite:

  1. Christmas Eve mice cookies: Christmas Eve Mice Recipe: How to Make It (

I love these cookies so much, whether it be me only liking them for the chocolate covered cherry or just the whole thing. They are the best thing ever.

2. Strawberry Jam Thumbprint: How to Make Thumbprint Cookies | Butter and Jam Thumbprints Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network

These are one of my favorites to make with my grandma. I also love strawberries so that just makes these so much better.

3. Italian Nut Roll: Nut Roll Recipe • CiaoFlorentina

These are my grandpa’s favorite and every year we make sure to have some. I eat it sometimes its not bad.


Here are some off the wall Christmas movies that we have watched during the holidays.

1.  Birchwood Crackling Fireplace from Fireplace For Your Home (4K Ultra HD): Birchwood Crackling Fireplace from Fireplace For Your Home (4K Ultra HD) – Bing video

While there are many of the fireplaces on Netflix, none of them compares to the Birchwood Crackling Fireplace. Nothing compares to seeing the flame go from one log to another in the birch wood fire. I love that fireplace even though my family sometimes hate it.

2.  Silence of the Lambs: Watch The Silence of the Lambs | Prime Video (

No movie on Christmas Eve can compare to my brother and I with my parents watching Silence of the Lambs. It was the first time both Kyle ever watched it and it was an experience especially on Christmas Eve. I loved the movie and thought it was perfect for the holiday.

3. Rush Hour: Watch Rush Hour | Prime Video (

This is a random movie from 1998 that the only thing I remember is that a Chinese diplomat’s daughter got kidnapped. This random movie that I completely forgot the name of was just randomly on the tv when I was trying to figure out what I was going to do on Christmas.

I had a conclusion paragraph but I don’t know where it went…..


(2021 update this year we went to Florida for  Christmas.)