See You in The Real World


Joshua Martin, Staff Writer

Dear Knoch, 

 Look at where we are, we are at the end of the road, or almost getting to the end. We are on the cusp of becoming participants of society. The world out there can be dangerous and it will be a tough road to travel. Everyone has a plan that will get them to their life goals at the end of the road. Those goals differ from going to college, thrusting yourself directly into the workforce, or you are fighting for this nation and sign on with the armed forces. No matter what those plans are, they are all noble pursuits.

 Let’s look back on where we started, we were all thrown into the classroom at a very young age. Although some of us see that as a bad thing, in all reality it’s the first major step into the real world. As Malcom X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” 

Fellow students, take this quote at heart. You are now in the big leagues, it is time to shine and set yourself up for success and a strong future. Don’t squander your time you have here, you’ll never get that time back if you waste it! Three years ago I was a freshman at Knoch High school. I remember I was in a nervous wreck. What got me through, rather unscathed, was the end goal in mind! I put my education first, and look at where I am, just about to receive my diploma and begin life in the real world!

 Fellow students, you should hold that similar mentality as you go through high school. You may think it sounds boring and dull, but trust me it will pay off in the end. So to kind of wrap this up: freshmen listen to the upperclassmen since they have been here longer. Sophomores: don’t get cocky, you still have two years ahead of you and there is still a lot to learn. Juniors: you have the hardest job since you are going to have to seriously prepare yourself for your future plans. When you get to your senior year, it’s all about finalizing your plans. So in a nutshell, this is your time to shine, so take advantage of this opportunity you are given! It is our generation that’s gonna be the great change in this world! This is a time for heroes and legends, let us be the ones who write history and it all begins here! So that is my farewell to you. I’ll see you in the real world. 

Sincerely Joshua Martin