From (A)pples to (Z)ombies: Fall Festivals


Caroline Ejzak, Staff Writer

Fall festivals, if you go to them, you know just how truly euphoric they are. Fall lovers unite for these celebrations, small or large, full of pumpkin spiced everything, various Halloween décor and hot apple cider. Generally the female uniform is a sweater or flannel (possibly a vest), ripped jeans, and duck boots with a pumpkin spiced latte in hand. The male uniform is usually less season oriented, sweatpants suffice from about September until April. Each festival is unique in its own way, but if you’re generally seeking out good food, just about every one of these will satisfy that festival food craving.


  1. Trax Farms Fall Festival

Dates: Sat & Sun, Sept. 29 – Oct 28

Opens: 10am     Closes: 5pm

This festival claims to have the “Best Apple Cider in Pittsburgh”. Don’t ask me, you can be the judge of that. They’re one of the oldest and most awarded fruit and vegetable farms in Pittsburgh and the South Hills. If the cider didn’t intrigue you enough, let me tell you just a portion of the activities they offer: bouncy house, various games, face painting, a rock wall, hayrides, petting zoo, and sooo much more.

  1. Mars Apple Fest

October 6th


Personally, I absolutely love this festival. It’s always so crowded and bustling with activity.  There are numerous booths and tents set up along the streets offering everything from candles and jewelry to Chinese food and apple butter. There is a cozy little coffee shop right in the middle of Mars and they have an apple baking contest. Need I say more?


  1. Zombies of the Corn

September 28 – October 28

Everyone loves horror movies during spooky season (all of October). Though watching monsters die in extremely exuberant and in unrealistic ways is much fun, having the ability to shoot zombies running directly at you seems a lot more exhilarating. If you enjoy fall festivals but also value thrilling experiences, check this out.


  1. Zelienople/Harmony Country Fall Festival

October 13-14

This festival is only two days long, but they’re packing all the activities that festivals usually spread out over a few weekends into two days. It’s kind of like the Black Friday of fall festivals, it’ll be hoppin for that weekend. Two days of live music, Chili cook off, scavenger hunt, free horse drawn wagon rides, art exhibits, and a car cruise?? ALL within 48 HOURS???


  1. Seven Springs Mountain Resort Autumnfest 2018

Weekends September 29 – October 21

Each weekend at the resort there is a different family fun theme. First is Oktoberfest Circus which sounds wild, next is just your good old Oktoberfest, then Chili weekend (which sounds absolutely amazing), and finally Kids Halloween Weekend. This festival’s great because each weekend it transforms into a different autumnal experience!


  1. Soergel’s Fall festival

Weekends starting Sept. 22- Oct. 28

Not to add bias to this festival but I LOVE this place. It offers you so much and you feel like you’ve walked into an autumnal haven when you arrive. There’s an apple orchard and pumpkin patch right there for the picking. There is a little store with knick knacks, an ice cream parlor, a grocery store, and a brewery (but that’s not important).


  1. Fall Flower Show – Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

October 17-November 8

If you appreciate nature’s beauty and flowers blooming in the middle of fall, you will love Phipps Conservatory’s fall flower show. This is not a festival, but I want to give this event a well-deserved promotion. Enjoy bursts of color from Phipps’ thousands of signature chrysanthemums, including 800 vibrant mums whose large, spectacular blooms take extensive training to achieve, plus a breathtaking variety of beautiful spray mums, cascades and more. Also what a cute date idea(;

Penn’s Colony 

 The Walls family has a small business called Herbal Delights which is sold at the Penn’s Colony Fall Festival. Amelia, only being a junior, displays entrepreneurship helps out at the tent selling their products.

  1. What does your family contribute to the Penn’s Colony fall festival?

My family owns a company called Herbal Delights and we make homemade herbal dips, soups, and mixes. There are so many flavors of each and we sell them out of a tent.

  1. Can you describe the atmosphere of the festival? (look, accents, feel)

There’s definitely that American Indian/Colonial feel. There’s costumes, singing, dances, & reenactments, it’s all very chill and enjoyable.

  1. How do you feel about being involved in the festival?

Since I was 5-6 years old. At this point it’s just our routine every year and I can’t imagine not doing it.

  1. What is your favorite thing about Penn’s Colony?

Going around to other booth’s and seeing photography, crafts, good food, and (oh my god) the fudge.

  1. Why did your family set up a booth at the festival? (origin)

We’ve been around a lot to so many festivals. We even used to go to New York to sell our products but then we found Penn’s Colony and it made so much more sense to just go there.

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I really think more people should go. If you’ve never been there, you’re missing out.