My Brother and His Gavin


Michael and his Gavin.

Grace Phillips, Staff Writer

What is your name and what grade are you in?

Michael Phillips and I’m a sophomore.


Do have any collections?

I have a collection of old coins from around the world. Also marvel funko pop dolls.


Do you consider yourself a hoarder?

Not at all.


Are you sentimental?

Yes but only about some things. Especially the pop dolls.


Do you still have anything in your room from your early childhood?

I have a Steelers alpaca wool teddy bear that my grandparents got me when they had their alpaca farm.


What’s the strangest thing in your room?

Probably the life size cut out of my cousin Gavin Phillips.


Do your parents or siblings have issues with the weird things in your room?

My mom wants me to get rid of Gavin, but he’s not going anywhere.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever collected?

I’d have to say Racer X Aquatics merch. And speedos.