Half Time Heroes

Inside of The Marching Band


Courtesy of Kim Brandt

Saxophone rocking the soli in Beethoven Fifth Symphony.

Andrew Brandt, Staff Writer

With 79 plus hours of practice over the summer, marching band takes up a lot of a student’s schedule. As a band, we have to be willing to spend hours making our show amazing.

“The amount of time and dedication is a lot,” said senior drum major Stephanie Justi. “People fail to realize how much of our lives is dedicated to making an eight-minute show.”

It isn’t easy either; with memorizing music and drill or routine, it takes practice and a strong work ethic to make that eight-minute show the best it can be.

Courtesy of Kim Brandt
The Band is practicing the opener Hammer Head during band camp.

“Before joining the marching band, I never realized how tough it was,” said freshman majorette Braelyn Arnold. “After experiencing band camp, parades and games, I’ve realized that you have to practice and work really hard.”

Practices are two hours, from 3 to 5, during the school week. At this time, we practice music for halftime, pregame, and ditties. After that, we go outside to our practice field and run the drill, fixing anything that is wrong.

“The hardest part is marching eight to five while twirling,” said Arnold. “It’s difficult to focus on both not dropping my baton and marching with high knees and pointed toes.”

All the hard work we put in pays off and it shows. Even if it’s little improvements, each week the show gets better and better.

“The greatest feeling is having people say in the middle or end of the season, ‘Wow the band has really improved since the first game,’” said sophomore alto saxophonist Jack Walker.

Marching band isn’t all work and doom and gloom; it’s also one of the most best activities.

“I’ve had so much fun since joining band. Everyone is so friendly and helpful,” said Arnold. “I have met so many new people and learned so many new things.”

With all the time spent together, band members make lifelong friends and amazing memories; that’s the greatest thing about marching band.

I’ve met some of the best people a person could get to know and made lifelong friends and I’m not the only one.

“I love it, it’s the best and most important thing I do throughout high school,” said Justi. “These people and the memories,  I’ll take them with me for the rest of my life.”

Another great thing about being in marching band is that you take trips to other states to perform. This year we are going to Nashville for a winter holiday parade. Past trips include Disney and Chicago.

“I can’t choose what my favorite memory is, but if I had to, it would be the Disney Trip,” said Justi. “I had a blast hanging with the best people I know, in the most magical place on earth.”

We make our marching band the best it can be, so we would like to ask everyone to be considerate, stay seated, be quiet, and watch and listen closely. You might see something new every time.

However, if you want to be a part of the show next year, sign up. You might just enjoy it!

“To anyone considering the marching band, it is a bunch of fun and it is not as hard as it seems. If you don’t try, you won’t know,” said Walker.