Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes, and Pumpkin Picking


This picture was taken before Howell and her friends went through the corn maze.

Brooke Vioral, Staff Writer

If you like weather that is not too hot or not too cold, going to haunted houses, and spooky things, then this is the time of year you love.

“My favorite fall memory from this year was going to a pumpkin patch,” said sophomore Mia Stephanovich.

Another fun fall activity that people like to do is carve pumpkins. You can pretty much get pumpkins anywhere.

“I like to do pumpkin carvings with my family,” said sophomore Lily Anderson.

There are a lot of fun things that people can do in the fall. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make memories.

“I like going pumpkin picking with my cousins and I like to make a pile of leaves with my cousin and jump in them,” said Stephanovich.

The fall season for a lot of people is probably their favorite. This is the last time to go to haunted houses and do fun things outdoors before it starts to get very cold in the winter.

“My favorite fall memory was going to The Beacon with my friends Chloe Burkert, Jake Santora, Ben Ellison, and Marcus Ortiz, said freshman Hanna Howell.

“While we were going through the haunted house, Chloe and I got scared and fell on top of each other,” said Howell.

The fall season is a time where you can have fun with your friends.

“My favorite fall memory was hanging out with my friends and having fun,” said Howell.

Some people don’t like to go out at all during the fall season. Some people just stay home and watch Netflix.

“I also stayed in my room for one weekend and binge watched season 3 of Stranger Things,” said Anderson.

Also, people refer to the time before Halloween as “spooky season”.

“For Halloween I will probably go trick or treating with my friends while watching scary movies before we go,” said Stephanovich.

Whenever you are younger you do more things with your family like carving pumpkins, going trick or treating with your family, or getting costumes.

“My favorite fall memory of all time is going to Fall of the Farm with some family friends and having a corn fight in the corn maze,” said Howell.

“I don’t really like going through haunted houses or getting scared by clowns, so I’ll probably just go through a corn maze somewhere,” said Anderson.

There are a lot of other fall activities you can do like go on a haunted hayride, have a bonfire, or decorate the house with Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations or fall colors (brown, orange, or red).

“I like decorating my house with decorations because it gets me in the Halloween spirit,” said Anderson.

Halloween is the time where you’re supposed to get scared while having fun.

“I remember when I was little, my sister and I used to tell scary stories to each other during the middle of the night,” said Howell.

As much fun as spooky season can be, sometimes people just need some time to themselves.

“I like to make hot cocoa and sit out on my porch by myself and look at the sunset. It’s nice to get some time to myself,” said Anderson.