The scenery is nice

Lunch cults part two


Bryn Krason, staff writer

(You thought I was done with writing about lunch cults, but you were wrong. If you have no clue what I am talking about, you can click and read my article from last year.) 

First day back……… students walk into the cafeteria and worry that they have walked into a cult ritual and are now members. Lunch tables and classroom desks are facing the same direction.  We can still can talk to our friends even if we can’t look at them  (?). 

Once the A and B ridiculousness was done, lunch got even crazier with kids eating in the LLC and in the gym right before and after phys ed classes.

Lunch on the bleachers, lunch in the library . . . no one thought this is what 2020 would bring next.

At first, one might think the school should not be doing this and is sneaking around the social distancing guidelines. 

But there is a reason why we are sitting how we are, and it is for our safety.  

Over the summer, Mrs. Grantz and I had to plan for multiple return to school options,” said Mr. Trofimuk

The district is not breaking any laws. 

“We were provided guidelines from the Governor and CDC as to what social distancing recommendations were,” said Mr. Trofimuk. “We then measured each cafeteria and placed the seats accordingly as to the guidelines. For  the 5 day/week plan we looked at the maxim number of students eating during each lunch plus the capacities permitted. We then determined that we would need the additional space of the LLC and gym to accommodate students for A,B and C lunch.” 

With that being said, students do not really like where they are sitting. 

“It’s really not convenient,” said junior Junior Jack Iole. “ We have no surfaces to eat on in the gym.”

No one is used to how lunches with juniors in the gym and seniors in the library.  That’s not how upperclassmen thought they would spend their last year or two in school.

“I think it is wrong to eat in the gym. We have seniority,” said Iole.

Do you agree with him?

With that out of the way, did you know the school serves free lunches now until the end of December because of a grant? So, if you were wondering why your one friend has pizza everyday, this is why.

Here is the link:

“Is that actually a thing, free lunch?” said senior Lillian Howell. “ Is this a new thing? Because I feel so clueless.”

With most things this year, there is a lot of unknown. Most everyone else agrees with this and knows to expect some changes. But, a little heads up when change is coming would be nice. Students wish they had input on different places to eat rather than what is in place.

“It’s super awkward and lunch feels much faster, but I guess the scenery is nice,” said Howell.