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Dealing with holiday plans during COVID

Jaydon Crawford and Samantha Moody enjoying the warm Florida sun last year, before worrying about COVID.

Jaydon Crawford and Samantha Moody enjoying the warm Florida sun last year, before worrying about COVID.

Samantha Moody, Staff Writer

The holidays are a time for family and love, but this year we are doing it COVID style.

Families would normally have their typical huge gatherings; however, this wonderful season we have to worry about social distancing and mask-wearing.

We all know the kids with those huge families that visit from out of town, (and they complain the whole time the family is there). How are those families handling it?

How about those kids that randomly go on their “educational trips” each year right before we leave for holiday breaks? How are they handling it this year?

“We have always gone away during Thanksgiving break and we still wanted to go away this year,” said sophomore Grace Gilmore, who is going away to Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii.

There are many families you may know that always seem to go away right before the holidays each year, but how about this year? Is that student still going on their yearly trip to Florida like they have been since before you can even remember?

With all of the constant new information about COVID, which is being spit out like there is no tomorrow, people probably have had trouble deciding whether or not to travel out of state. There are several lists of the different states throughout the U.S, where if you were to travel to said state, it may be “required” to quarantine when you return.

“Our trip is only eight days, but we [my family and I] are quarantining before we go,” said Gilmore.

Gilmore also mentioned that there is a 72 hour period that they must be negative for COVID before their flight.

Now not everyone is getting to spend their Thanksgiving break on a beautiful beach in Honolulu like Gilmore, but there is still the question of travel especially with the times we are in. Many people are quite hesitant about going out of state for “educational trips,” considering that if you were to be tested, and if it comes back positive, there is the chance your whole trip would have to be cancelled.

“We aren’t nervous, but taking the test is what we have to worry about. We are in hopes it comes back negative,” said Gilmore.

Along with going away on “educational trips,” many families have multiple family members that come from out of town or different states during the holidays. Some members may only be coming from a different part of the state, but there is still the question whether they should come visit.

Junior Jack Iole said his older sister, who used to live in Arizona, recently moved back home, but lives in Pittsburgh now. Even though she has moved back to Pennsylvania, Iole mentioned how he still never seems to have the time to see her.

“I’m glad she’s coming home for the holidays since she hardly ever talks to me,” said Iole.

Maybe you have family come from out of town, or maybe you are the family that does the visiting. For some people, the holidays are the only time they may get to see certain members of their family, and COVID might make a damper on those plans. Junior Julianna Crites yearly visits her grandparents in Ocala, Florida during the holidays.

“We haven’t really made any plans yet, but we aren’t going to let the times stop us from going to see our grandparents,” said Crites.

As many know, the holidays are a very stressful time, and all of the constant changing of rules and regulations due to COVID are no help. But the holidays are a time for family and friends, love, and so much more. So all together, we can only hope and pray that things can be the best they can be for everyone during these chaotic times.