Candids and Captions

Everyone gets an A


Devon Elmer

“You’re gonna have a bad time!” yells senior Marcello Negrette, as he notices the camera man is the same man who made fun of his favorite song “Sicko Mode,” and charges up a powerful punch to show him what pain means.

Sometimes, your teacher goes off the deep end.

That’s what happened last week when Ms. Thompson lost it and said we write horrible captions and are lazy about taking pictures. She even made us sit through a powerpoint on them. Can you imagine? Stobert almost died of boredom and Devon and Kylie straight up skipped day two of the presentation. Celeste Beacom ate chocolate for the first time since freshman year to deal with the stress

Ms. T then made us go out, take pictures and write “extended captions” for them all. In the gallery below, you can see the fruit of our efforts. All in all, we did pretty well.   Please vote for the best picture/caption combo in the comments section.