Emma Velesig
My name is Emma Velesig. I am a coffee addict, confused for approximately 23 hours of the day, hungry ALL THE TIME  and this is my story.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had what my dad calls a “gasoline-rear,” meaning I could never stay in one place for long; always wanting to go out and explore. Whether that be going out to eat with friends or shopping for something I probably don't need, I’m constantly on the run.

I have big dreams of making it to the city and becoming something great, even though all my plans on getting there are still fuzzy. I'm looking into going for a business major but school is still undecided :)

But as for now, I’m still a student at Knoch just like the rest of you, waiting for the day I can throw my cap in the air and have my diploma in hand. So while we’re all here, why not make the most of it and go out and adventure some more.

Emma Velesig, Layout Editor

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Emma Velesig