Weekly Horoscopes!

Claire Lindsey, Opinion Editor

ARIES, The Ram

March 21st-April 19th

Be on the lookout for people in need. Someone, whether they be dear to you or not, is in need of your generous attitude. Use these experiences to lift your own spirits!


TAURUS, The Bull

April 20th-May 20th

This week may prove challenging for you, Taurus. Don’t lose sight of the little victories! Don’t let others feed your insecurities. Keep moving forward & you’ll reach your goals with ease.


GEMINI, The Twins

May 21st-June 20th

You might have to get thrifty with those around you this week. Everyone wants to hear good news, and it is in your best interest to give it to them. Don’t forget about what is actually important to you, though.


CANCER, The Crab

June 21st-July 22nd

Big moves for you this week, Cancer! Looking in the face of success can be frightening, but don’t let it discourage you. Embrace your emotions and put in the work! Something great is coming your way.


LEO, The Lion

July 23rd-August 22nd

Release your inhibitions this week! Do what you want to do. If you have been feeling a bit stuck lately, take a different approach. Face your fears! Let go of any stress you’ve been carrying with an adventure!


VIRGO, The Virgin

August 23rd– September 22nd

You’ve been working really hard lately, Virgo. It is important to remember that you deserve help from those around you. Communication is key! Ask for assistance in your time of need.


LIBRA, The Scales

September 23rd -October 22nd

You are in dire need of a VACATION. It doesn’t need to be a destination vacation, but perhaps just a mental break. You’ve been conflicted lately. Don’t make any major decisions this week.


SCORPIO, The Scorpion

October 23rd –November 21st

DO NOT let anyone throw you off of your path. Keep yourself in a good headspace, because you’ve been doing so well lately. Keep working towards your goals, you’re so close! Ignore the noise.



November 22nd –December 21st

Don’t be afraid of change this week. Your fear of the unknown could be getting in the way of some big opportunities. Seize those opportunities! You deserve them! These big decisions will pay off!



December 22nd– January 19th

You’re usually pretty sensitive and understanding, but be wary of those trying to take advantage of you. Prioritize your ideals and your goals. Sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first!


AQUARIUS, The Water Bearer

January 20th –February 18th

Spontaneity is in your best interest this week. Don’t feel trapped in your current situation just because you’ve been told you’re where you need to be. Write your own story!


PISCES, The Fishes

February 19th –March 20th

Keep your guard up this week, Pisces. Focus on yourself and don’t rush things. Everyone is a critic. Critics can’t hurt you if you’re one step ahead! Stay sharp!